The 2021 Market and how to navigate it!

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"How's the market?"

This is a questions I get asked often. The answer of course depends... depends on why you are asking? 

Are you a buyer? Then the answer is ... strategic. Meaning as a buyer, there are certain strategies you need to consider to put your best foot, or should we say, offer, on the table. There is no such thing as 'tire kicking' in this market. In the last 6 months from the Greater Cincinnati MLS, the average days on market was 19. Most homes listed under $400,000 are under contract within 48 hours and reviewed multiple offers. This is why you need to select an agent to represent you in this venture. To consult with how to prepare to purchase in this market, to get ahead of the homes coming to market, and how to position yourself to be the most appealing offer the sellers receive. 

Are you a seller? Then the answer is... aggressive. Meaning as a seller, you have a large buyer pool of ready (pre-approved, market watching) buyers that know the market... sometimes better than the realtors! They watch the market daily. They scour the listings and know square footage, updates, acreage, and pricing of the homes around yours. They may have written multiple offers already to no avail and have been rejected time and time again. They are aggressive... ready, willing and able to purchase your home. Knowing they are paying top dollar - and they will - they expect perfection. There is no such thing as "let's just put the house on the market and see what we can get". You have to prepare your home with updating maintenance items, make updates that show your home in trending styles, declutter, clean and partner with a savvy realtor with a great marketing plan. If done right, your home should sell quickly and for top dollar... but you have to follow the direction of an experienced, current, full-time realtor. This is not the time to go at it alone. How would you handle receiving 10 offers on your home? Negotiating through the contracts? Working through inspection requests? Let the professionals handle it - who can generally get you more net proceeds with less stress on you. 

So buying or selling, the market is great! It is a great time to buyer or sell, but you have to partner with the right real estate agent to get the job done right!

Lesli Norris, Norris Group Lead Agent


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